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Greater Toronto Area Kitchen Installation


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Please feel free to call us to answer any and all of your kitchen design or installation questions. Over the years we have seen it all, and can recommend better solutions to common design or installation problems. IKEA instructions are sometimes hard to understand. Call us and we will help you instantly solve common questions FREE OF CHARGE! We have found the more people we help, the more people learn of our services, and the quality of our customer service, which in turn provides us with more quality work for quality clients!

  1. We arrange an appointment to measure the installation site and discuss what your wants and needs are.
  2. We provide you with digital plans that we can help you customize to fit your needs.
  3. If you have already designed your kitchen, send us a pdf of your plans or a link from your Ikea Kitchen Planner to:
  4. We study your plans and point out any items where there is room for improvement.
  5. We then send you a firm estimate via email according to your exact needs.

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DIYers benefit from tremendous SAVINGS!

We Can Customize Cabinets Specific To Your Space!

You will be amazed at what a little imagination can do, to turn a once unusable space or wall into a functional design piece in your home. When cabinets don't fit perfectly in a given space, we can trim and customize the cabinet(s)to give you a luxirious, custom-made look and feel.

Things you must consider are:

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