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Greater Toronto Area
Floor Tile, Wall Tile, Backsplash Installation

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We are a small team of expert technicians that can bring your reno dreams to REALITY!

Not only do we offer full bathroom walls, flooring, and backsplash Tile Installation, but we may also assist you with your other finishing needs such as tub surround waterproofing and Tub/Shower Fixture Replacement, and Vanity/Toilet Installation.

Our Team includes a master plumber and electrican so you can count on us to move any electrical or plumbing if required.

Please call us at 416-926-4444 or fill in the form below to arrange a Free No Obligation Estimate.

  1. We arrange an appointment to measure the installation site and inspect the installation site.
  2. We provide suggestions to avoid any future issues that may arise.
  3. We discuss the different finishing options available.
  4. We provide a Firm quotation and arrange an installation date.

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