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Basement Finishing Service

Finishing your basement not only drastically increases your living space but also the value of your home immediately. In the case of a rental suite, you could even turn your basement into an extra source of revenue.

Although the thought of a major renovation is scary, you will be surprised at how affordable and how fast this could be accomplished with In-House.

As with all our services, our approach differs from your average contractor. When you hire In-House you hire a team of experts who have a vested interest in the result of the work. We have streamlined the entire renovation process so as to limit the inconvenience of time and to increase the quality of the work.

In-House approaches basement renovation much as we approach any of the different services we offer:

Planning :
  1. As always planning is the most important aspect of a basement renovation.
    We can work with your existing floorplans and engineering plans or you can work with ours.
    We create floorplans and 3D imagery to help you see and choose a layout that works best for you and your family. We guide you through architectural drawings and engineering plans to facilitate the permit process.
Inspection :
  1. Before we start any Basement Reno we provide a complete inspection of the structure, electrical, HVAC and plumbing. This helps us create a realistic budget taking into account any unforeseeable issues that may arise, and if the issue is serious we will recommend you take care of those issues before undertaking any additional renovation work.
Execution :
  1. Finally in the execution phase we spend almost as much time on prep work as we do in actual labor. We have found spending time on prep will payback in hours and even days of savings.
    We break down the work into smaller projects: this helps us create a realistic timeline

    1. Demolition / Disposal / Inspection
    2. Framing
    3. Electrical & Plumbing
    4. Insulation / Drywall / Taping / Painting
    5. Flooring
    6. Kitchen and/or Bath Finishing

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Basement Finishing

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